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Böcherer Angewandte Informatik BAIcal V00.07.11


BAIcal is an extension for Enigma2 receivers, to display and alert of upcoming events. For this purpose, a local directory can be configured, from which iCal files (.ics) should be read. When you execute BAIcal all events (vEvents), which lie in a configurable time window will be displayed. If an alarm (VALARM) was defined to such an event, a popup window will be displayed on the screen at the specified time and possibly als an alarm sound will be played. The display duration of the popup is configurable. Of course, recurring events (rRule) are also supported.

Download BAIcal


Böcherer Angewandte Informatik BAIcam V00.07.11


BAIcam is an extension for Enigma2 receivers, to display the images (sequence of still images or MJPEG stream) of a webcam (doorcam). In case you are using a Fritzbox BAIcam can be configured (in conjunction with BAIfritz) so that the camera image will be displayed automatically, once the Fritzbox reports an in-/outgoing call from/to a certain number. Alternatively the camera image can also be displayed automatically by sending a HTTP notification to a configurable port. The display duration and the size of the popup is configurable.

Download BAIcam


Böcherer Angewandte Informatik BAIfritz V00.07.11


BAIcal is an extension for Enigma2 receivers, to display (time controlled popup) in-/outgoing phone calls over a Fritzbox. In conjunction with BAIcam the images of a webcam (doorcam) can be displayed in case of an in-/outgoing call from/to a certain number. BAIfritz requires no permissions on the Fritzbox and does not depend on any specific firmware. A vCard file (or multiple files) can be used as a phonebook for name <-> phone number resolution. If a vCard also contains a photo this one will be displayed in case of an call from/to the appropriate number.

Download BAIfritz


Böcherer Angewandte Informatik BAIstandby V00.07.11


BAIstandby is an extension for Enigma2 receivers, to automatically switch the box into standby mode. By defining a timeout value (count of minutes since turning on the receiver) the receiver will be switched automatically into stanby mode after the timeout has been reached. The defined timeout value will be the exclusive criterion for this. Optionally a message can be defined which will be shown for some seconds before switching into standby mode.
Aiitionally you can configure, whether switching to stanby mode can be interrupted. In this case pressing the Exit button (while showing a message that the timeout has been reached) will interrupt and restart the timeout again.

Download BAIstandby


All extensions offered here are executable with Python3 (e.g. openATV ≥ 6.5) and Python2 (e.g. openATV ≤ 6.4).

To install an extension, please download the corresponding file, copy it onto the Enigma2 receiver (HDD, USB memory or internal memory) and install this file on the receiver (usually with 'opkg install ...').

Feedback and/or constructive suggestions/reviews will be gratefully received.